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If you are an entrepreneur with the dream idea you believe can come to light, then Jondig  is the right place to land your start-up. Through its program, the Launchpad seeks out start-ups and individuals who have ideas with potential and help them financially, technically, legally, and with mentorship, planning and conceptualizing.

Launchpad is open for all. Share your idea with us and if we find it viable, we will aid and support you through your journey to success. Our support varies, depending upon the idea, its potential and the kind of business you are planning on starting. It starts with seed funding, a basic financial help for you to get started. From there we work side-by-side with you to get your venture funding from investors, including ourselves. But, it is our conviction that we must provide more than just capital.  As operators and entrepreneurs ourselves, we roll up our sleeves and work with you in all parts of the businesses that need additional resources, like brainstorming for product development, customer development, operational infrastructure and acquiring manpower. Our experienced mentors from different fields provide expert advices at every step of the journey to help you grow.

We also act as a bridge to help you extend your sphere of influence beyond your locality. In other words, we will introduce you to a larger market and put you in touch with bigger investors and even acquirers. We also guide how to pitch your start-ups to investors, and how to bag a perfect deal.

One of the biggest problems for any new entrepreneur is tackling the legal framework and government policies and to save you from all those troubles and avoid any legal time-bombs, we help our start-ups with the paperwork too. Be it the standard paperwork for the funds received, patents for your design, intellectual property questions or for establishing your company, we have you covered from all directions. We also know the right lawyers to put you in contact with for all your future purposes.

We believe innovators are most productive when they spend most of their time innovating. Thus, our goal as a startup accelerator is to create an environment where our entrepreneurs can focus exclusively on their idea and leave all the hassle to us. That being said, we understand that the basic idea behind any startup is the independence that comes along and thus we try to be as interfere-free as possible and let you be your own boss.

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